Cooperation between the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and SmartNet Technologies

NiCAT cluster member SmartNet Technologies set the theme for the graduate thesis for student of Faculty of Electronic Engineering (Department of Computer Science), University of Nis. The theme was "Development of applications for exchange information processing and support to brokerage business".

It is a modern technology that enables the development of applications for the purpose of processing the exchange information, primarily ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL Server. With the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Leonid Stoimenov, candidate Zeljko Kalezic successfully defended his work, and this is just another example of successful cooperation between economy and science. SmartNet Technologies will continue to focus itself on recognition of the people in the earliest stage of their careers, providing them with the resources they need to create something new and innovative. Therefore, their transition from science to business will be optimal and painless, and they will be able to put the knowledge they gained through the years of study to some meaningful work. We encourage them to do so in any case.