Meet Magento Serbia 2017


Meet Magento conference is dedicated to Magento – one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms in the world.

The conference itself is a part of Meet Magento Association, now supported by Magento, Inc. The city of Niš is also on the map of all Meet Magento conferences worldwide.

Meet Magento Serbia is not designed only for people working in Magento, but it is open to all who are interested to know more about e-commerce or meet the industry leaders. This conference is an ideal opportunity for networking with other e-commerce companies, but also for merchants who already have a lot of experience with online sales in Serbia and the region. Also, Meet Magento Serbia is the place where you will meet different service providers (Magento extension developers, marketing agencies, full service internet agencies, etc.)

For the second year in the row, the event is happening at "Tami Residence" Hotel in Niš, June 23.

NiCAT is the official partner of the conference.