Last year’s realization of the project “Market tech” which was carried out by NiCAT cluster and the Faculty of Economics in Nis with the financial support of the Office for Local Economic Development and projects has yielded very successful results, and amongst them were two offers for continued paid work engagement in high-tech companies after the completion of the practice.

Nike Kevin Durant

Tijana is last year’s participant in the project. She did her practice in the company “Logik business solutions” where she was employed after the completion of the practice. Here is what she would tell her colleagues from the faculty:

“Each day is a new opportunity, and each opportunity brings countless possibilities. The project “Market tech” provides a unique opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a real business environment. As last year’s participant in the project I would like to invite all students of the Faculty of Economics to apply and in that way make the first step in building up their careers.” Tijana Stosic

Ana is also one of the participants in the project, and she wants to share her impressions with you:

“Hello, I am Ana Pusica, a Master’s course student of Faculty of Economics in Niš. Last year I was a participant in NiCAT’s project “Market tech”, so I had the opportunity to acquire very useful practical knowledge in an IT company "NIRI 4NL", thanks to the work with Prof. Dr. Boban Stojanovic, Ivan Vesic and Miloš Stevanovic, who was my internal mentor. My experience is truly phenomenal, because this practice allowed me to get started and work in NIRI. I am very glad that this project is continuing and now expanding into other fields of economics, as well as that the number of participating companies has almost doubled. I would recommend to all interested students to apply and I will be very glad to have the opportunity to work with them, as a peer mentor. See you! " Ana Pusica

This year, NiCAT cluster and the Faculty of Economics are realizing an improved project under the name “Economics and advanced technologies - partnership for the future”.