IT Chance for all – ICT Cluster Academy 2016/2017

Project „IT – chance for all" is ICT Cluster Academy which is a course of hi-tech education and internships based on recruitment needs of businesses with the aim to employ or increase employability of the unemployed in Nis region. Project is implemented by Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies with GIZ ACCESS and Development Agency Serbia financial support.

Air Jordan XIII CP3

Expected Results:
• Innovative program with proven concepts that address the gap between the state-provided education and the needs and expectations of today's businesses
• Established efficient internship model as a channel of employability of young people
• 10 companies with a growth potential strengthened by the provision of adequately skilled workforce and/or acquired efficient internship model
• 18 young people successfully completed the ICT Cluster Academy
• 10 out of 20 candidates get job offers in local companies three months after finishing the project
• 10 companies cooperated and collaborated in the selection of participants, lecturers, creation of program
• 10 companies exchanged experience regarding internships
• 30 cluster members informed about the challenges faced lessons learned and models developed
• 20,000 people reached through social networks with the information regarding the possibilities in entrepreneurship in hi tech
• 100 young people informed about the possibilities in hi tech during testing process
• Student organizations informed about possibilities in hi tech
• Accelerated growth of high tech industries and entrepreneurship initiatives empowered in the city of Nis and SE region
• Established communication channels between private sector employers and the pool of employees
• Suggestions to educational and other institutions made
• Encouraged women to participate

Project duration: August 2016 - April 2017