Establishment of cooperation between the Serbian diaspora from the Silicon Valley and representatives of the economy, education and science in the field of information technologies and high technologies in the region of Nis


The aim of the project was to establish cooperation between successful people, companies, business informal groups and associations from Silicon Valley and San Francisco with a local community through the presentation of the potential of the Nis region in the field of advanced technologies.

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NiCAT delegation comprised of the director of NiCAT Cluster Goran Mladenovic and the representative of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, professor dr. Dragan Jankovic, was in San Francisco from October 23th to November 2nd 2018 to inform the Diaspora about all possibilities of cooperation with Serbia, but also to initiate direct cooperation with faculties and companies in Nis.

Results of the project
• Established business ambassador in California - Gordana Stojanovic Mihajlovich (Intel)
• General analysis of members of the Serbian Diaspora in California was obtained - analysis of the LinkedIn profile (60)
• 3 presentations of high-tech economic and investment potentials of Nis and Nis sector of advanced technologies was held to Serbian Diaspora in America in front of about 90 people
• The identity of Nis among the Serbian diaspora was built and recognized - Diaspora informed about the activities of NiCAT clusters, the Electronic Faculty, Nis and Serbia in the field of advanced technologies; some people expressed readiness to support our activities, some have already given specific requests, and another 20 is ready to engage indirectly
• Possibility for our companies to use free space in Focus co-working
• Awareness of the existence of a large number of successful Serbs in the diaspora and its significance as well as the suggestions they have in the home country (presentation of Messages from the heart of the Silicon Valley was held at the 4th Forum of Advanced Technology in Nis)

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The Office for cooperation with Diaspora and Serbs in the region.