Economy and advanced technologies – partnership for the future

NiCAT cluster and the Faculty of Economics have, based on the realization of the previous project “MARKET TECH”, realized the project called “Economy and advanced technologies – partnership for the future”.


Nine students of economics had the opportunity to get to know the world of advanced technologies with the help of an experienced mentor from the world of start-ups, Ivan Vesić, and a professor from the Faculty of Economics, Boban Stojanović.

Three months of internship, dealing with a specific problem in the fields of marketing, sales, HR, finance and accounting, constant mentor support and participation in the final workshop enabled the students to improve their skills and use their knowledge practically, and it allowed companies to receive quality findings that will help them improve their business.

The added value of the project is represented by four theses and one master’s thesis on the subject of tasks that the students did during the internship and the prolonged work engagement of the two students after completing the internship.

The program was financially supported by the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects within the Local Economic Development Program of the City of Niš for 2018 - Improving the cooperation of economy and scientific and educational Institutions.