Electronics and Automation


Nigos – electronic

Equipment for measurement and control of temperature and humidity.

The company produces equipment for measurement and control as well as drying kilns for wood.

Clients in the EU, Africa and South America.

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Gaming equipment and services

The company is a leading Serbian provider of gaming equipment and services. Fazi also manufactures equipment for sports halls, banks, pharmacies, exchange offices etc.

Top 5 world producers. Innovative organization

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Hardware and software development

EUROgenyx is a private company which offers hardware and software development in the field of robotics and automatics, CNC management, illumination, etc.

Balkan Venture Fund competition winner, Pioneers of the Balkans winner.

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Feniks bb

Automatic control elements and systems

The company is one of the leaders in the design and production of automatic control elements and systems in the heating, ventilation and conditioning industry fields.

Privatized by an Austrian company Herz in 2016.

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Feniks bb

Innovation Centre of Advanced Technologies (ICAT)

Technical solutions

ICAT  introduces the high-value, cutting-edge technical solutions in the field of electrical engineering.

Innovative organization.

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Advanced instruments for measuring magnetic fields and electric currents

The company develops and manufactures advanced instruments for measuring magnetic fields and electric currents and provides related development and engineering services.

A part of the Acceleration technologies Serbian Group (suppliers of CERN). FP projects, Innovation Fund winners.

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