Indicators of success

  • Key innovation partner with cohesive role in the region
  • Permanent cluster's and SMEs' growth in all aspects of business
  • Strategic cooperation with a large number of institutions and organizations
  • Transfer of know-how in country and abroad
  • Numbers of successful projects realized
  • Founders and Board members of Serbian Cluster Association, Founders of Balkan Black Sea ICT network
  • Independent and self-sustainable from first day
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Activities/why join

  • Up to date info about events and opportunities
  • Bridging gap between science and business
  • Inspiring youth to work in IT and high technologies
  • Increasing competences
  • Access to various domestic and foreign funds
  • Individual and joint innovative projects
  • Increasing sales
  • Lobbing and branding
  • Using cluster as platform

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Contact us

If you are domestic or foreign SMEs or large company, R&D institution, Inventor, entrepreneur , student, and you share our beliefs contact us to consider possible cooperation and collaboration and become associate, partner, member, customer or ambassador of good will.

We are open for cooperation and ready for further partnerships ... with clusters, companies and institutions from around the world.

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Our activities inspire and transform community

Through the project ICT Cluster Academy, the companies for the first time actively participated in the preparation of the curriculum in order for the training to be completely harmonized with their real needs. By following the latest trends in education, we constantly improve the quality of the program.
The lectures and meetings with high-school students, but also the promotion through media and social networks contributed to an increased interest in the technical faculties. On the other hand, the meetings with university students increased the interest in the companies from the Cluster. We continue to promote the IT and advanced technologies as the most promising fields of work.
The synergetic effect of cluster cooperation was best exemplified in the project of developing HUNTER x 4, the most sophisticated night sight in the world. Optoelectronics, ICT, mechanics and automation from the Nis region, through a joint venture, proved the region to be capable of independently developing a superior product for the world market.
We have facilitated a number of consortiums, and our companies receive funding from the Innovation Fund, the Ministry of Science and other funds because most of them officially have the status of an innovative organization.
A pool of project ideas has been developed in the areas of technology – smart cities, health, aging, environment protection, robotics, and optoelectronics. Moreover, we have also developed a pool of cluster ideas related to education, quality improvement, networking and further use of advanced technologies. We are open for cooperation and further partnerships with clusters, companies and institutions from around the world.
We are strategically connected with the organizations from the region and the world, and we use the best practices in our work at the same time creating opportunities for our members.