World AI experts are coming in Belgrade on November 8th

is one of the largest AI communities today, present in more than 80 cities in the world and has over 280 local ambassadors working to democratize AI knowledge. What sets this community apart is that thanks to the support of the global community, many global experts in artificial intelligence are attending local events.

NIke Dunk SB MID

As a finale of community activities, this year's most innovative AI conference its going to be organized in the region, called the WONDERLAND AI Summit, it will be held on November 8 in Belgrade. The aim is to bring to the world known names in the field of artificial intelligence, to organize various technical and business-oriented workshops where all companies, individuals will have the opportunity to learn some new things in the field of AI. We will bring to Belgrade names from organizations such as:

Max Planck
Mobile de

Two speakers that we would like to highlight are Christoph Auer Welsbach, Partner at IBM Ventures, one of the most influential AI investors of today, and Julien Merten, Head of Data Science at Mercedes Benz.

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If you feel that AI is about to revolutionize our lives and you want to be at the point of innovation, WonderlandAI Summit is the right place.