Odoo ERP implementation, custom development, support and maintenance.

The company started operations in 2000, and has a long-time experience in the development and implementation of various web-based IT solutions utilizing open-source technologies. The company has a strong technical background in Internet/Intranet, n-tier client/server and system integration. The key customers are SMEs and large companies, public and local governments, in Serbian and Canadian markets.

A small and highly adaptable company that is a mix of experienced and young developers.

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Hotel management software, Frozen food production software, Custom software development

Morena has engineers skilled in Windows/.Net/Asp.Net, Android, Web, Unix/Apache Tomcat, cloud software platforms and wide range of programming technologies, with strong expertise and rich experience in Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Bases, Question Answering, Machine Learning...

Best UPWORK partner in Serbia 2018. Innovation Fund 2015 winners.

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Gaming equipment and services

The company is a leading Serbian provider of gaming equipment and services. Fazi also manufactures equipment for sports halls, banks, pharmacies, exchange offices etc.

Top 5 world electronic rulets producers.  Innovative organization.

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Hardware and software development  in the field of robotics and automation, CNC management, illumination.

Balkan Venture Fund competition winner, Pioneers of the Balkans winner.

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Software development

Mihajlovic Soft is a company dealing with software development aiming to simplify and enable faster work in different business fields, computer consulting, computer equipment sale, design and introduction of information system and computer network.

More than 25 years of working experience.

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Total care - outsourcing development

The majority of operations are related to the outsourcing to the companies from America, Europe and Australia and include the development of highly sophisticated and customized solutions to known customers.

Active in Israel, the UK and Africa as shareholder of international products.

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AI Solutions & Software Development.

Data science, application of machine learning in retail value chains. More than 10 years of partnership with WCC Netherlands. Innovation Fund winners. The founder got a PhD in the Netherlands.

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Telecommunications and information systems

Main activities are focused on the development and implementation of the latest achievements in the field of telecommunications and information systems.

FRACTALS grants winners. Label - Innovative organization.

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Custom software solutions

World class IT engineering partners, creating competitive advantage for startups & established businesses alike.​ Both broad & deep, up-to-date knowledge, with sharp focus on a single technology stack. Insightful, dedicated & creative team with 10+ years on enterprise level projects in Fintech.

Micro-services​, mobile (multi-platform, native or hybrid)​, web , desktop​ & Dev Ops solutions.

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Cyber security (including AI)

The company offers its own products and services related to design, implementation and cyber security operations. Major focus is on cyber surveillance, deception technologies and IoT Security.

Twenty years of experience in cyber security, delivered 8 security operation centers across the globe. 4 times in charge of Cybersecurity at the Olympic Games. International awards. AST has Security Operation Centers in Bangkok, Belgrade, Johannesburg.

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Cloud solutions - a spin-off of a very successful Swedo-Serbian company TROXO. Leaders in the Nordic market.

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A software for small and medium-sized enterprises

The company develops a business tracking software. Its mission is to optimize the business process with the help of great experience, knowledge and dedication. Its ERP is applicable in almost every industry.

The fastest growing business software company and the regional leader in Serbia with 2700+ clients and 15 years of experience.

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E-commerce Specialist Company

Company creates web shops that are fully optimized for a high-quality user experience: they are interactive, responsive and beautifully designed, but also SEO/SEM optimized. It works full cycle of e-commerce store development, template design and implementation, webshop optimization, unique custom designs and SEO, development of custom modules and Magento extensions, such as product configurators, connections to ERP and POS systems. Complex import & stock process automation. In addition it also provides e-commerce marketing, Magento support, responsive and mobile solutions.

  • 10+ years of experience in e-commerce

  • 300+ Magento Commerce projects

  • 98% of tickets responded to in 4 hours

  • Meet Magento official organizer in Serbia

  • 300.000+ hours of e-commerce experience

  • Magento professionals with more than 10 years experience in Magento

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Outsourcing development

Its team applies the best practices in software development in the fields of Fintech, Blockchain, Sitecore, Salesforce, SAP / Hybris, DevOps, Mobile app development, ERP, Big Data, BI and E-Commerce.

A part of Prime Holding group (1000+ successful solutions all over the globe). Clients in the USA and the EU. Unicorn partners.

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Web design and development company

The top design production, web design, development and outsourcing are its major services. The home of amazing WordPress Templates and Plugins. Marketing, branding and design services.

Elite authors on Envato.

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Loyalty and financial systems

In partnership with clients from around the world, the company provides the development and maintenance of software solutions in the field of loyalty and financial systems.

More than 100 completed projects. Co-founder is the Best young entrepreneur of 2018 in the region.

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Web, mobile, touchscreens & things

By prioritizing the development process, the company develops products and supports its clients. It advises on digitizing flows in order to contribute to efficiency, satisfaction and a great overall experience.

Dutch company, facility management solutions for biggest clients.

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IT, Energy and Medical; Specialty Health Care Services Group

To meet the growing, stringent demands of the electricity sector, company uses the latest solutions in testing equipment and methodologies currently available.

Part of the RCMT American public company that has nearly 3,000 employees and an annual turnover of about $200M.

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Mobile & Web Development

The company with headquarters in Serbia that loves to shape next-generation business solutions. AI and blockchain technology in various industries. The owner is an alumnus of the New York Institute of Technology.


Fintech, Healttech, Energytech, ERP, CRM

The company has a mission to make technology an asset in the business, not a problem. All with the goal of increasing profitability and efficiency of the business through the implementation of software solutions. The Best Tech Company in the region in 2018.

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