Annual Assembly of the NiCAT cluster

The eleventh regular meeting of the Assembly of the NiCAT cluster was held in the premises of Think Innovative - TI Hub on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. At the annual meeting of the Assembly, a summary of the cluster's work in the past year was presented, as well as the work plan for the coming year 2023.

As this was an election year, the Assembly first unanimously voted for the members of the Board of Directors, which in the new composition are: Miroljub Bošković - Ingsoftware, Saša Kocić - Proxima, Marko Smiljanić - NIRI Intelligent Computing, Zoran Popović - Future Forward, Milan Đorđević - Shindiri Studio , Tamara Pejčić - Prime Software, Branislav Vukelić - RCMT IT Europe, Aleksandar Jaćimović - Atomia and Mirko Ličanin - Swifty Labs. Then, at the first smeeting of the Board of Directors, Miroljub Bošković was elected as the new president of the Board of Directors.

We also had the pleasure of introducing four new members of the cluster at the Assembly. Swifty Labs is a young company that creates high-quality, attractive and sustainable mobile applications. IT Labs company that enables clients to be competitive through technology and develop into top professionals. Kraftwerk creates information, communication and e-commerce solutions and products for medium and large companies. Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems - AIMS is a company founded in 2021 with the aim of designing and implementing software and hardware solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Their arrival in the cluster represents an opportunity for greater cooperation and expansion of knowledge and business.

Despite the challenges this year, the NiCAT cluster has successfully implemented projects and planned activities, and in the coming year, with the new Board of Directors, it will continue to positively influence its members and the environment and make Niš a better place for people to live and work.

The NiCAT team wishes you happy holidays and much happiness and success in the coming year!

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