NiCAT Cluster Director participated at the Serbian forum on internet management

Goran Mladenović, Director of the NiCAT Cluster, participated in the panel "IT and Entrepreneurs" within the Serbian forum on internet management organized by IGF Serbia, which was held last Thursday in Belgrade.

Some of the findings of this panel are:

1. The way of implementing fiscalization has done a lot of damage - it has widened the gap between traditional and tech industries in the long run, jeopardized the reputation of software companies, and the solution with its restrictive and inflexible approach limited the ultimate goal - increasing service quality and strengthening relationships with end customers. Proposals - the introduction of changes must be tested and with the full support of everyone in the process, changes in the process must be introduced meaningfully, and the solution should have a liberal approach.

2. Abuse of the independence test is a crime - the state must control these things and thus make the market a fair place to play.

3. The new reality with teleworking has given many opportunities, but has also introduced new challenges for all - in such an arena, companies will have to be more competitive, but it requires quick action and many changes.

NiCAT is open to partnerships on each of these elements.

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