Second Business Club in cooperation with the "Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia" Foundation

On Thursday, December 8, the NiCAT cluster, in cooperation with the National Internet Domain Registry of Serbia, organized the second Business Club in the premises of the Ambassador Hotel in Nis. Members of the cluster, actors from the business world, representatives of the Niš academic community, as well as student organizations responded to the invitation to attend the Business Club.

By welcoming those present and announcing the continuation of cooperation and the organization of similar gatherings in 2023, Goran Mladenović, director of the NiCAT cluster, and Dijana Milutinović from RNIDS, started the Business Club.

To our great pleasure, Dušan Vukanović, the founder of the startup company Benefiti, first introduced himself to the audience. During his presentation, Dušan presented the concept and way of functioning of the company, and then, through answers to the audience's questions, he gave a broader context about the importance of providing compensation packages to employees and possible ways of implementation.

After that, a panel discussion on the topic "Business in times of crisis" began. We are honored that Slavimir Stošović, director of the IT Center, Nebojša Jokić, director of the Network for Cyber Security and Milan Bogdanović, director of the Naissus Business Club, were panelists at this Business Club.

Slavimir Stošović, director of the IT center, spoke about the impact the pandemic had on the IT sector, as well as the rapid changes that occurred during that period. He also warns companies that there is still uncertainty in the market that can affect business, from uncertainty in the labor market to changes in the prices of components necessary for production. Nebojša Jokić, director of the Network for Cyber Security, noted that the topic of cyber security should be a priority not only for companies in the IT sector, but also for all business entities, bearing in mind modern ways of working and lack of information among users. Milan Bogdanović, director of the Naissus Business Club, spoke about the insufficient use of digital technologies in traditional industries, but also about the need for joint work between IT companies and companies operating in traditional sectors, on digital transformation.

At the end of the discussion, the panelists came to the conclusion that a very important item for preserving business in uncertain market conditions is continuous learning. Continuous learning together with the exchange of knowledge and the creation of contacts not only makes business easier, but success is also achieved in a period of crisis.

The rest of the evening was of an informal nature, intended for socializing and networking.

Until next time, we thank everyone who responded to our invitation!

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The Register of National Internet Domains of Serbia (RNIDS) and the NiCAT Cluster signed a cooperation agreement