The first Business club with the RNIDS Foundation was successfully realized

NiCAT cluster, in cooperation with the National Internet Domain Registry of Serbia, organized a Business club on friday, 30th of September in the premises of the Tami Residence Hotel in Niš.

The business club is designed as one of a series of events that the cluster will organize in cooperation with the Foundation "Register of National Internet Domains of Serbia" (RNIDS). The goal of business clubs is to gather not only members of the cluster, but also other actors from the high-tech domain in the region and beyond, in order to share experiences in business and promote the exchange of knowledge at an expert level.

To our great pleasure, the audience was first introduced to two new members of the NiCAT cluster - Mirko Ličanin, director of Swifty Labs and Radmila Petrović, leading QA Engineer of IT Labs.

After that, two lectures on current topics were held. Žarko Kecić, head of the RNIDS foundation's ICT sector, spoke about DNS protection and its importance in the modern business environment. After a brief analysis of the DNS configurations of the domain names of NiCAT members, Žarko was pleased to conclude that almost all companies have well-configured DNS servers and gave advice for further improvement.

Marko Vučetić, PR of the Infostud group, spoke about trends in the labor market, especially in the IT sector. The data and reasons for the increase in the share of advertisements for working from home were presented, guidelines were given on how to retain employees and how to approach "remote" business from a strategic level.

The rest of the evening was of a more informal nature, intended for socializing and networking.

Until next time, we thank everyone who responded to our invitation!

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